How To Gift Wrap A Handbag Without Box

So you’ve picked out the perfect handbag for a special someone, but there’s just one problem – you don’t have a gift box. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll show you a simple and creative way to gift wrap a handbag without a box. Whether you’re in a pinch or just looking for a unique presentation, this handy guide will help you make a memorable impression. Get ready to wow your recipient with your thoughtful and stylish wrapping skills!

Materials Needed

To gift wrap a handbag without a box, you will need a few essential materials:

Gift wrapping paper

Choose a gift wrapping paper that suits the occasion and complements the handbag’s design and color. Opt for a sturdy and high-quality paper that will hold up well during the wrapping process.


Make sure to have a pair of scissors handy to cut the wrapping paper to the desired size and to trim any excess paper later.

Tape or glue

You will need tape or glue to secure the wrapping paper in place. Choose a tape that is strong enough to hold the paper together firmly, but also easy to remove when it’s time to open the gift.

Ribbons or bows

Add a touch of elegance to your wrapped handbag by including some ribbons or bows. Choose colors that complement the wrapping paper and the handbag itself. Ribbons and bows can add an extra festive and decorative element to your gift.

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Gift tag

Don’t forget to include a gift tag with a personalized message. This helps to add a special and thoughtful touch to the gift.

Preparing the Handbag

Before you start wrapping the handbag, it’s important to ensure that it is clean and in good condition. Give the handbag a quick wipe down to remove any dust or dirt. Inspect it carefully for any stains or damages that may need to be addressed before wrapping.

Additionally, remove any tags or stickers that may be attached to the handbag. These can detract from the overall presentation and spoil the surprise when the gift is opened.

Choosing the Right Wrap

When selecting the wrapping paper, consider the size and shape of the handbag. You want to make sure that you have enough paper to fully cover the handbag, while also allowing for neat folds and secure closures.

Additionally, choose a wrapping paper that complements the handbag’s design and color. Consider the recipient’s preferences and the occasion for which the gift is being given. Opt for a paper that adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the gift.

Measure and Cut the Paper

To ensure that you have the right amount of wrapping paper, measure the length and width of the handbag. Add some extra inches to these measurements to account for folds and closures.

Using a pair of scissors, carefully cut the wrapping paper according to the measurements you took. Remember to cut a straight line to ensure a neat and professional-looking wrap.

Wrap the Handbag

Now it’s time to wrap the handbag. Follow these steps to achieve a beautifully wrapped gift:

  1. Place the handbag in the center of the wrapping paper.
  2. Take one side of the paper and fold it over the handbag, making sure to cover the entire length of the handbag.
  3. Repeat this process with the opposite side of the paper, ensuring that the entire handbag is covered.
  4. Secure the paper in place using tape or glue. Make sure to keep the tape or glue hidden underneath the folds for a clean and seamless look.
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Adding Additional Decor

To enhance the wrapping and make it even more special, consider adding ribbons or bows. Choose colors that complement the handbag and the wrapping paper. You can tie a ribbon around the handbag’s handles or create a decorative bow on top of the gift.

Additionally, don’t forget to include a gift tag with a personalized message. This adds a thoughtful touch and lets the recipient know that the gift was chosen specifically for them.

Tidying Up the Wrapping

To ensure that your wrapped handbag looks professional and presentable, it’s important to tidy up any creases or folds. Run your hands over the wrapping paper to smooth out any wrinkles or uneven areas. If there is excess paper, trim it with scissors for a neater appearance.

By taking the time to tidy up the wrapping, you can enhance the overall look and make the gift even more appealing.

Alternative Techniques

If you want to explore different wrapping techniques, there are a couple of alternatives to traditional gift wrapping:

Furoshiki wrapping method

The Furoshiki wrapping method involves using a square piece of fabric to wrap gifts. It is an environmentally friendly technique that can be both elegant and functional. Simply place the handbag in the center of the fabric, fold the corners towards the center, and tie the ends together to secure the wrapping.

Fabric or scarf wrapping method

Another alternative is to use a piece of fabric or a scarf to wrap the handbag. This method can add a unique and stylish touch to the gift. Simply wrap the fabric or scarf around the handbag, tie the ends in a knot or bow, and arrange it to your liking.

Tips and Tricks

Consider trying these tips and tricks to elevate your gift wrapping game:

Use double-sided tape for a seamless finish

Using double-sided tape helps to ensure that the tape is hidden and doesn’t detract from the overall appearance of the wrapped handbag. It creates a seamless finish, giving the gift a polished and professional look.

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Choose a gift wrap that complements the handbag’s design and color

Selecting a gift wrap that complements the handbag’s design and color helps to create a cohesive and visually appealing gift. Consider the recipient’s taste and the occasion to make the gift even more special.

Get creative with different wrapping techniques

Don’t be afraid to explore different wrapping techniques and experiment with unique ways to present the handbag. The wrapping itself can become a part of the gift and add an element of surprise and excitement.

Add a final touch with a sprig of fresh flowers or greenery

To enhance the overall presentation of the wrapped handbag, consider adding a final touch with a sprig of fresh flowers or greenery. This adds a touch of nature and makes the gift even more visually captivating.


Gift wrapping a handbag without a box can be a fun and creative way to present a thoughtful gift. By following these steps and tips, you can ensure that the handbag is beautifully wrapped and ready to be presented. Remember to choose a wrapping paper that complements the handbag’s design, add decorative elements such as ribbons or bows, and don’t forget to include a personal message on a gift tag. With a little effort and creativity, your wrapped handbag will surely impress and delight the lucky recipient. Happy gift wrapping!


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