How To Add A Strap To A Clutch Bag

So, you have a beautiful clutch bag that you absolutely adore, but it’s missing one essential feature – a strap! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll show you a simple and easy method to add a strap to your clutch bag, without any sewing required. With just a few materials and some basic steps, you’ll have a stylish and practical accessory that can easily transition from a handheld clutch to a convenient crossbody or shoulder bag. Get ready to give your beloved clutch bag a functional upgrade in no time!

Materials needed

To add a strap to your clutch bag, you will need the following materials:

Clutch bag

Choose a suitable clutch bag that you would like to add a strap to. Make sure it is a bag that you love and want to transform.


Select a strap that suits your style and complements your clutch bag. Consider the length and sturdiness of the strap.


You will need scissors to cut any materials as needed.


Choose a thread color that matches or complements your clutch bag. It’s important to use a strong thread that can hold the weight of the bag.

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A needle will be necessary for sewing the strap onto the clutch bag. Make sure it is suitable for the thread you have chosen.


A thimble will protect your finger while sewing, especially if you are working with tough materials.

Measuring tape

Use a measuring tape to determine the ideal placement for the strap attachment points. This ensures that the strap will be comfortable to wear.


Pins will be useful for temporarily securing the strap in place before sewing.

Marker or chalk

Use a marker or chalk to mark the attachment points on your clutch bag. This will guide you during the sewing process.


An iron will come in handy for preparing and ironing the clutch bag before attaching the strap. It helps in achieving a clean and professional look.

Preparing the clutch bag

Before attaching the strap, it’s important to properly prepare the clutch bag. Follow these steps:

Choose a suitable clutch bag

Select a clutch bag that you would like to add a strap to. Make sure it is the right size and style for your needs.

Determine the attachment point for the strap

Decide where on the clutch bag you want to attach the strap. Consider the weight distribution and your comfort when deciding the placement.

Mark the attachment points

Using a marker or chalk, mark the attachment points on the clutch bag. This will serve as a guide when attaching the strap.

Measure the distance between the attachment points

Use a measuring tape to measure the distance between the attachment points. This will ensure that the strap is evenly attached and comfortable to wear.

Prepare the attachment points

If your clutch bag already has holes or loops for attaching a strap, you can skip this step. Otherwise, follow these instructions:

  • Cut two small slits at the marked attachment points using scissors.
  • Reinforce the slits with small stitches to prevent them from tearing.
  • Trim any loose threads for a neat finish.

Selecting the strap

Choosing the right strap is crucial for both the functionality and style of your clutch bag. Consider the following factors:

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Consider the style and color

Think about the overall look and feel you want to achieve with your clutch bag. Choose a strap style and color that complements the design of the bag.

Choose a material that complements the clutch bag

When selecting the material for the strap, consider the material of the clutch bag itself. Aim for a cohesive and harmonious look.

Ensure the strap is the appropriate length

Measure the strap to ensure it is the right length for your desired wearing style. Consider if you want a crossbody strap or a shorter shoulder strap.

Ensure the strap is sturdy

The strap should be able to withstand the weight of the contents of your clutch bag. Ensure that the material is durable and can withstand everyday use.

Attaching the strap

Once you have prepared your clutch bag and selected the strap, it’s time to attach it. Follow these steps:

Align the strap with the attachment points

Place the strap over the attachment points on your clutch bag. Ensure that it is centered and aligned properly.

Secure the strap temporarily with pins

Use pins to temporarily secure the strap in place. This will make it easier to sew and ensure that the strap stays in position.

Thread the needle

Thread the needle with a suitable thread color. Ensure that it is securely attached to the needle.

Start by stitching the first attachment point

Begin sewing by inserting the needle through one side of the attachment point and pulling it through to the other side. Repeat this several times to reinforce the attachment.

Make several stitches to reinforce the attachment

To ensure the strap is securely attached, make multiple stitches on both sides of each attachment point. This will add strength and durability.

Repeat the stitching process for the second attachment point

Follow the same stitching process for the second attachment point. Take your time to sew each stitch securely.

Ensure the strap is securely attached

After sewing both attachment points, check that the strap is securely attached and does not wiggle or come loose. Make any necessary adjustments or additional stitches if needed.

Trim any excess thread

Carefully trim any excess thread using scissors. Be cautious not to cut the strap or any surrounding fabric.

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Test the strength and flexibility of the strap

To ensure the strap is properly attached, give it a gentle tug and check for any signs of weakness. It should be able to bear the weight of the bag without any issues.

Alternative attachment methods

If you prefer a different attachment method or want to explore various options, consider these alternatives:

Using key rings

Key rings can be attached to the strap and then connected to the clutch bag’s attachment points. This allows for easy detachment and customization.

Using clasps or hardware

Attach clasps or hardware to the strap and the corresponding attachment points on the clutch bag. This provides a secure and adjustable attachment method.

Sewing on D-rings or O-rings

Sew D-rings or O-rings onto the clutch bag and attach the strap to them. This creates a sturdy attachment point and adds a stylish touch.

Using swivel clips

Swivel clips can be added to the strap and then clipped onto the clutch bag’s attachment points. This allows for easy detachment and versatility.

Creating a detachable strap

If you want the option to remove the strap whenever you please, consider adding interchangeable attachment points or using clips or hooks for a detachable strap.

Decorative options

Adding a strap to your clutch bag doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Consider these decorative options:

Adding embellishments

Enhance your strap or clutch bag with decorative elements. You can add beads, sequins, or fabric flowers to create a personalized and unique look.

Using contrasting thread

Experiment with different thread colors that contrast with the color of the strap or clutch bag. This can add a pop of color and visual interest.

Including tassels or charms

Attach tassels or charms to your strap for added flair. These small accessories can make a big difference in the overall look of your clutch bag.

Embroidering designs

If you have embroidery skills or access to embroidered patches, consider stitching designs onto your strap. This can turn your clutch bag into a true statement piece.

Applying fabric or leather overlays

For a more intricate and detailed look, consider adding fabric or leather overlays to your strap. This adds texture and visual appeal to your clutch bag.

Maintaining the strap

To ensure the longevity of your strap, follow these maintenance tips:

Cleaning instructions

Refer to the care instructions provided with the strap to determine the best cleaning method. Avoid exposing the strap to harsh chemicals or abrasive surfaces.

Regularly check the strap’s condition

Inspect the strap regularly for any signs of wear and tear. Look for loose stitches or damage that may compromise its strength. Address any issues promptly.

Repairing any loose stitches or damage

If you discover any loose stitches or damage to the strap, repair them as soon as possible. Reinforce the stitches or consider resewing any damaged areas.


Congratulations on successfully adding a strap to your clutch bag! You’ve transformed it into a versatile and stylish accessory. Remember to have fun and experiment with different strap styles, embellishments, and materials. Let your creativity shine with each new clutch bag project. Enjoy your newfound fashion statement!


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